7 Best Work From Home Jobs 2019

7 Best Work From Home Jobs 2019

7 Best Work From Home Jobs

Today, more than ever before, people are looking to work from home and be their own boss. There are many reasons to make this move, and it can be a very rewarding path. If this is you, you’re probably wondering, what are the best work from home jobs in 2019?

These 7 jobs you can do from home will provide you the ability to earn a full-time income on your own terms.

In this article we will take a closer look at each of these work from home jobs. We will discuss what the career entails, how much you could potentially earn, who you’ll work for, and how you can get started.

Writing for money from home


Writing - work from home jobs

Most people think of writing as somewhat of an elusive career to break into. These days though, that’s no longer the case. The internet is flooded with content, and someone has to write each piece. That’s where you come in.

Business, websites, blogs, individuals, and more all need writing services performed, and they are willing to pay very well. They need articles, blog posts, emails, resumes, bios, and anything else you can think of written.

If you think you need a degree, or to be a published author, think again. I started landing my first writing jobs with no experience in the field and was making upwards of $100 on some of my first articles. It wasn’t excellent pay, but making $100 at home for a few hours work sure felt like a step in the right direction, and it was.

If you want to brush up on your writing, or you want to learn a specific type of writing skill such as copywriting, there are many free resources available online, as well as paid courses, that will teach you everything you need in a compressed time frame.

How much can you make writing from home?

In this field, there is massive difference from the top earners to the lower rungs. At the very bottom of the ladder you have jobs coming from content mills such as Upwork or Fiverr. Sometimes these jobs pay as low as $10 per 1,000 words.

Stepping up, the lower rungs of writing for professional clients will look more like $0.03 to $0.05 per word. That equates to between $30 and $50 per 1,000 words. Not amazing, but a 3,000 word article could earn you from $90 to $150 and be written in a few hours, so it’s definitely a decent starting point.

Get a some good published articles under your belt and you may move up to the ranks of writers who earn $200 – $400 and even more per article.

What’s great is that you can take on as many, or as few clients as fill out the amount of income you would like to earn, or the amount of time you would like to spend working. If you want to earn more, you can take on more clients, or you can start charging more for your work.

There are plenty of other ways to earn money from your writing, such as blogging, hosting your own articles, writing e-books for royalties, and even more. For the sake of this article, we will stick to the type of writing that will you earn you immediate income and is more of a work from home job than a leveraged type of income.

More articles on how to make leveraged income from your writing will be coming soon to the Job Free Paycheck!

Who Will You be Working For?

At the lowest level, if you start on a content mill such as Fiverr or Upwork, you will be trying to get individual projects. This is not a winning strategy! If you want this to become a full-time income for you, then you need repeatable income.

You want to find clients that will need consistent work in somewhat regular intervals. Most people who will be hiring a writer for their website will be in constant need of new content. Your goal is to get as many of these returning clients as you need to meet your goals.

These clients will be website operators, owners, and administrators. They may be businesses or individuals. You can find clients who need writing on every topic under the sun.

Although you could write about anything you want, to really prove yourself to clients and clinch the return business, you’ll want to specialize in a particular niche, or several.

How to Get Started in Making Money Writing From Home

Your first step to really get started is to pick a niche, or several, that you will write in. Most well paying clients are going to want to hire someone that they view as an expert in that topic. By picking a niche, you can position yourself as an expert. To be an “expert”, you just need to know more about a subject than the average person.

While you can get lucky and find a client without any samples to show, it isn’t a surefire way to get your career off the ground. Instead, write one or two sample articles for a niche that you wish to write in to showcase your abilities.

The best way to land high paying clients right from the start, is to build a website around you as a niche author. Post the articles you’ve written on your site. This will be your portfolio. To learn how to build your professional site for just $4, check out this article.

Then you can find potential clients on job boards, or through a cold email blast. 

For more information on choosing a niche and getting freelance writing clients, read How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online.

work from home graphic design
Graphic Design

graphic designer online jobsIf you like to design things or play with illustrator type programs and think you have an eye for art, then maybe graphic design is the kind of home based job that suits your preferences.

The internet is covered with images and digital art, and it was all made by someone staring at their computer screen, much of it from their home office or bedroom! Every website uses hundreds of images, and if you have the skills to use the necessary programs, you could be making money off of these skills.

How Much can you Earn as a Graphic Designer From Home?

Depending on whether you decide to become a freelance graphic designer, or a remote employee for a large company, your salary could vary drastically.

As a freelancer, your salary is based on how much you charge and how much you work. The great thing is you get to determine both of these things. Once you have a great portfolio built, you can charge a larger amount and work as little, or as much as suits your income needs. If you have no degree or background in graphic design, this would be the road to follow.

If you decide to be a remote employee instead, you can expect to find salaries ranging from $24,000 annually, to $60,000+. This will be based on experience and credentials mostly. If you have a relevant degree than this may be the route you choose. 

For more information regarding pricing yourself as a graphic designer, see How Much Should I Charge For Graphic Design?

Who Will You be Working For?

You may do work designing shirts, logos, book covers, websites, all kinds of possibilities are open.

You could go the freelance route and build your own list of returning clientele. In this case you may get started on freelance work sites like 99designs.com. If you’re just starting out you may price yourself low to begin and start raising your price as you get positive reviews and a full portfolio.

There are also many companies hiring graphic designers for remote positions that you can perform from home. These are more like traditional jobs where you will apply with a resume, and many would prefer a degree and experience.

How to Get Started Working From Home as a Graphic Designer?

No matter which route you choose to go with graphic design, freelance or remote work as an employee, your first step will be to get around 5 solid examples of your work. This will be the start of your portfolio. If you don’t have any examples currently, then get behind that computer and design something!

Once you have a few examples, to make yourself look as professional as possible to potential clients or employers, build a simple website at yourname.com and upload your portfolio. To learn how to do get your site up and running for just $4, read this article.

Once you have created a professional looking website with your 5 or so examples loaded up, it’s time to find some work. If you’re going the freelance route, check one of the many freelance job boards out there. If you want a remote job position instead, check places such as flexjobs.com or authenticjobs.com, where you can find more traditional type employment available as a remote, work from home position.

make income from home with voice over
Voice-Over Narration

How much can you earn doing voice-over from home?If you enjoy listening to audiobooks, have you ever thought about being the one doing the reading? This is actually how my at-home income journey began. I was spending a lot of time driving for work, listening to audiobooks, and I thought, could I get payed to read? The answer is yes.

Audiobooks, commercials, videos, and more, need to be recorded by someone. If you have a few basic pieces of equipment and a steady speaking voice, it could be you.

How Much can you Earn Doing Voice-Over From Home?

Voice-over, like many of the options on this list, has more than one way you can earn from it. You can take projects on for a fixed pay amount. This may be a certain amount per the project for a video or commercial, or if it is an audiobook, the pay will be per finished hour.

For audiobooks, on the low end, some narrators start at $30 PFH, which is very low. $50 PFH is a more reasonable figure, as each hour of audio will take in the vicinity of three hours to produce. These rates go up into the hundreds of dollars PFH, so if you have a good voice and the right recording environment, VO has the potential to be very lucrative.

For commercial and video projects, the pay is higher per project, and so is the competition. While you may earn $200-$400 for less than an hour of audio, there can be much more of a performance aspect to this type of project and you’ll have higher competition fighting to get each part.

Who Will You be Working For?

Publishing companies and individual authors will be looking for narrators to do audiobooks. If you get in with a company that has several writers, then you could have some pretty steady work being supplied to you.

Business and advertisers also need videos and commercials made and they will pay to have voices recorded on them. These range in size and type to include anything you can imagine. All of this can be done from home if you’ve got the right equipment.

How to Get Started as A Voice-Over Narrator From Home?

If you wish to try your hand as a voice-over narrator, you’ll first need a recording setup. For beginners, I would recommend a USB microphone and a reflection shield of some type. You’ll also need a computer to plug your microphone into, and to use for editing your audio. Check out this article on How to be an Audiobook Narrator to learn more about starting your career as a narrator from home.

work from home consulting

If you have a lot of experience in a particular field, your knowledge and expertise may be very valuable to others in the same field. This could be in almost any field at all, as long as you really know your stuff.

If you have experience running or managing your own company, or you’ve achieved a high degree of success in almost anything, you can utilize that to your advantage by helping other overcome the problems they run into on a daily basis.

How Much Can You Earn Consulting From Home?

Consulting has the potential to create large-scale income, if you can show potential clients the level of value you can provide them. You could work freelance, finding clients for yourself and setting your own fees, or you could work remotely for a firm.

Consultants will get payed in one of four ways. You may get paid a set hourly rate, a specified rate for consulting an entire project, a combination of the two, or a rate based on how your work performs or the results you provide.

One of the biggest determiners of your income potential with consulting, is your experience level within your industry. Rates will also vary from industry to industry, so keep that in mind when determining what you plan to charge for your services.

Independent consultants today have widely varied incomes, but over 20% of them earn 6 figures or more per year!

Who Will You Be Working For?

You will be working for business owners and team leaders who need freelance consultants for many jobs, including:

  • Market research
  • Pricing strategist
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Revenue growth specialist
  • technical implementation consultant
  • wealth management specialist
  • and many more

How to Get Started Doing Consulting From Home?

You will need either extensive experience or a high degree of expertise in the field you wish to consult in. If you meet this requisite, your first step will be to setup a professional website highlighting your qualifications, experience, and exactly how you can help potential clients solve their problems.

Once your website is built, you can start reaching out to potential clients. There are job boards specifically for business that are looking to hire freelance consultants, and these would be the best place to begin your search.

You might start by exploring Expert360, Flexy, Clarity, or Credo.


work from home product photography

Product Photography

Product photography - work at home

In the modern marketplace, most shopping takes place online. To entice you to purchase any given item, it needs to look amazing on the product page. Someone has to take that perfect picture, and they of course get paid to do it. Why not you?

Products have always needed photographs to sell or advertise, but it’s only recently that the barrier of entry has been brought down to where the average photographer can easily start a business from home as a product photographer.

How Much Can You Earn Doing Product Photography From Home?

Product photography can be priced in several ways. You may choose to charge by the photograph, by the product, by the hour, or by the day. This will be up to you and you’ll have to do some research to make the right decision.

Charging hourly, you may start as low as $50, or you may be confident enough in your skills to charge $150 per hour.

If a client has hundreds of items that need shooting, then you may charge by the item. 100 items at $30 per item will come up to $3000. Depending on how long it takes you to properly photograph that many items, it could be a pretty lucrative way to price that job.

Who Will You Be Working For?

Any business that wants to sell a product online will need product photography services. They need to present their products in the best light possible, which means hiring a professional.

Aside from businesses, you may work for artists, restaurants, jewelry makers, etc. Online businesses may ship their products to you. Local clients may drop them off themselves.

The good thing for you, is each of these clients will need your services again. If you provide high quality photos that satisfy the customer, you’ll likely get plenty of return business.

How to Get Started With Product Photography From Home?

The first part to getting started with product photography is of course equipment. There are a few things that will be required to get you started. You’ll need a camera, a tripod, a computer, a background, and lighting.

Before someone will hire you, they’re going to want to see some examples of your work. You’ll need to build up a portfolio if you wish to get clients. To show that portfolio to potential clients and present yourself as a professional, you’ll want a website that looks good and showcases your work well.

You can start by offering your services for free to the first client, just to get some shots for your portfolio. Alternatively, find some items you already own, set up a backdrop and take some great product photos to flesh out your portfolio.

Check job boards like craigslist to see if anyone is already looking for the services you offer. Also, post that you now are offering these services. Its free, and sometimes you will get clients this way!

You may need to cold email local business and explain how you can help them. This will require some research and some front-end work, but the payoff could be very rewarding if you do invest the time and effort into building your product photography business.


best work from home jobs online fitness training

Online Fitness Training

Work at home - online fitness trainerEverything has moved online these days, and personal training is no different. By doing online training, you can reach more people than ever before, but they don’t need your full time or attention. Instead, they are looking for guidance and routine without having to think about it or know too much about fitness.

If you have a background in fitness, or just have enthusiasm and above average knowledge on the subject, then you may consider online personal training.

Usually this is now implemented through an app. Your clients will download the app to their phones. You will program it with certain training regimens that you assign to your clients.

When they go to do a workout, you will have programed it in for them. All they have to do is follow it and record how they do. Over time, you track the progress with them and make adjustments as necessary.

How Much Can You Earn Doing Online Personal Training?

Some online trainers charge as little as $30 per month. Some charge $300. You’ll have to determine where you fit, and what you’re comfortable charging based on what you choose to offer, such as basic nutrition, how many weekly sessions, how many video meetings with you per month, etc.

The second major determiner of income in this work from home job, is how many clients you have. Since online training is usually done on a monthly payment cycle, it is easy to calculate earnings.

If you have 50 clients at $30 per month, you’ll be making $1500. But if you have 100 clients at $50 a month, you’re earning $5000 each month. You can see how that scales all the way up.

Who Will You Be Working For?

You will be working with individuals who either want to lose or gain weight, get stronger, or just get healthier. You’ll need to decide what your chosen market is, that is, who specifically you are selling to. Market to them, and you will be able to find the clients you need.

How to Get Started With Online Personal Training?

You’ll want to start by deciding which of the popular training apps you want to use. Trainerize and My PT Hub are two of the most used, and for good reason. They make it very easy to setup workout templates that you can then modify for each person you assign them too.

You can also assign or upload custom exercise videos to show clients what you want. Trainerize also offers in workout timers for your clients. Both apps also offer basic nutrition tracking and meal planning through the app.

make money online selling meal plans
Selling Diet/Meal Plans Online

work from home selling meal plans onlineDoing nutrition/meal plans online is similar in concept to the online personal training. You will offer your services through an app that allows your clients to easily track their intake based off of your recommendations. They will usually pay on a monthly subscription plan.

How Much Can You Earn Selling Online Nutrition Plans?

This is a monthly charge for your clients, and again it varies widely based on what each individual chooses to charge. You could charge $50 per month or $200+. It depends on what you feel comfortable with, what kind of results you’ve produced before, and how well you can market your services.

Who Will You Be Working With?

You’ll need to pick a specific demographic if you want to market effectively. But overall, most people who hire this service want to lose weight. 

You could choose to work with just men over 40, or just women who are post-pregnancy. Narrowing down to a niche will position you as an expert and make it easier to get quality clients.

How to Get Started Selling Meal Plans Online?

This will be app based, and your clients will download the app. You can use one of the apps meant for online personal training that includes meal planning software on it. Or you can use specialized software to offer your clients the absolute best features such as item swapping in a meal. The premier software for this is evolution nutrition.


There are other jobs available, and by checking job boards like craigslist, flexjobs, and others, you can find remote job offerings from other companies. However, they’re generally very competitive and may require high qualifications.

The options on this list are possible for anyone to learn the associated skill and start using it to earn income right away. If you want to learn how to gain skills quickly check out some of our free resources here.

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