Top 5 Print on Demand Companies

Top 5 Print on Demand Companies

Top 5 Print on Demand Companies

Many people today are looking for alternative ways of creating an income. The top 5 print on demand companies all provide you the ability to start a business at home. The best part, is it takes little to no money to get started.

The top 5 print on demand companies are:

Why would you pick one of these over another? In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of each of the best POD sites. We’ll also cover who each of these platforms is best suited for.

What Makes a Print on Demand Site Good or Bad?

Printful vs Printify

We’re going to examine a few important aspects of the top 5 print on demand platforms.

  • Usability
  • Where can you sell from?
  • Price
  • Product selection

While these platforms essentially offer the same service, the way that you interact with each service is different. It’s also different for your customers.

Each company offers a different level of flexibility in how you sell your products. They also offer different types of products.

Some of these are totally free to set up and operate. Others will cost you a little bit.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be able to design and sell shirts. But the type of experience you have doing so will be dependent on which service you decide to go with.

Best Print on Demand Sites


printful vs printify

If you want to build an online store on your site, or if flexibility is a key factor for you, then you may consider Printful as your POD supplier.

Where can you sell from?

Printful is the most flexible POD platform in terms of how you can host and sell your products. They offer integrations with almost every major platform, including; Woocommerce (this let’s you integrate with WordPress), Shopify, Etsy, Squarespace, Wix, eBay, Amazon, and many more. Their plugins for each of these integrations makes it a very simple process to set up.

If you plan on hosting a website with a store on it, then Printful is one of the better options for you. By integrating with Woocommerce, you can host your store for only the price of your web hosting.

If you wanted an inclusive package that included a storefront and payment processes set up from the get go, then you may look at integrating with Shopify. The only drawback to the Shopify integration is that your monthly subscription starts at $29.99.

Unfortunately, Printful does not offer an online storefront as part of their service. This means you will have to have another place to host your store. This could be a drawback if you want an inclusive, out of the box online shop.


Printful is free with no monthly membership. You will likely have to pay something for wherever you host your online storefront though. Shopify will start at $29.99 per month, but you can learn to launch a WordPress website with custom domain for only $4 by reading this article.

Product Selection

Printful has a very respectable product selection. They have all the typical mens and women’s apparel as well as apparel for kids and toddlers.

They also carry accessories such as mugs, stickers, flip flops, jewelry, hats, bags, backpacks, bean bags, aprons, phone cases and more.

In home furnishings they let you print pillow cases, pillows, towels, canvas prints, posters and more.

While they have an excellent selection of print on demand products to choose from, it’s not the most diverse selection on this list.


Printful is very user friendly. All of the integrations install with the click of a button.

Despite not hosting their own online shops for users, Printful makes it so easy to get started on any other platform that it’s still easier than some other shops that did offer a hosted storefront.

Even if you’ve never set something like this up before you will be able to with Printful. From signup to creation everything was easy to understand and well laid out.

Another cool thing about Printful is how easy they make it to order samples of any product you wish to sell. There is a prominent button on the page while you’re designing your product. When you’re happy, you can buy samples at a discounted price to be sure you’re satisfied with the quality.

Who’s this best for?

If you’re the entrepreneurial type and you want to build a website that features an online store, then Printful is probably the best option for you to choose.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out and you want the easiest, most inclusive package with no investment, then you’ll need to check out one of the other options on this list.


printify vs teespring

Printify is another one of the most popular print on demand sites. They’ve been around long enough to be reputable in the industry.

There is one thing Printify does different than any other option on the list. Instead of supplying your print on demand products, they are essentially a middle man.

When designing a product, you will pick a supplier. Then you will design the product with that supplier, but through the Printify platform.

Each supplier has their own prices, products, and reviews. Some have better ratings than others. This does somewhat complicate the whole process, but it also gives you way more options to pick from, and can mean you get a much better deal if you search a little.

Where can you sell from?

Printify does not provide you with your own online storefront. Instead, they integrate with a few popular storefronts; Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, eBay.

This is enough to get you on either Shopify or WordPress, the two avenues I would recommend. If you wanted maximum flexibility though, you’d find it with Printful instead.

If you want to build a website and just have an online store with your products as one part of that website, then printify is worth considering.

If you are looking for an inclusive option with online shop included, this is not it.


Access to Printify is free. You don’t have to pay to set up an account and start selling goods.

If you want extra benefits, you can join Printify premium. This will save you up to 20% on every purchase. That means you’ll make significantly more on each sale.

They’ve even included a chart to show your savings. This becomes more beneficial the higher your sales volume.

If you’re selling $500 in product each month, then Printify premium will make you an extra $100 per month essentially.

At $5,000 per month in sales, you’ll keep an extra $1,000 of that money! That’s pretty significant.

This is one of the biggest benefits of Printify. Possibly they’re best selling point.

Product selection

Printify does offer quite a diverse product selection, thanks in part to the fact that they do use so many suppliers.

They have all the standard mens, womens, and children’s apparel available.

They also have shower curtains, bath mats, backpacks, tote bags, towels, phone cases, aprons, laptop sleeves, and even underwear available to print your designs and sell.


It’s not complicated, but Printify certainly does not offer the ease of use that some of its competitors do.

While it’s no glaring weakness, everything is just not quite as streamlined. It seemed to take a little longer to figure out to get where I needed at times.

Integration also was not the same pleasant one-click experience I had on some other sites.

Overall, it’s definitely usable, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a first timer, or someone who’s not good with computers anyway.

Who’s this best for?

Printify is the best option for someone who is hosting their shop on either shopify, or their own website. Where it really shines is if you have regular monthly sales and a decent sales volume.

In such a case, you should sign up for Printify premium. The amount you’ll save could prove to make Printify the best choice for anyone selling a couple hundred dollars worth of product each month or more.


Teespring is one of the oldest and most trusted print on demand platforms out there. A fully inclusive option that takes no time to set up and get selling, even for a complete beginner.

Where can you sell from?

Teespring does include an online storefront for everyone. This means that everything you need is take care of directly through Teespring. This can be convenient.

Unfortunately, Teespring doesn’t offer any way to integrate to another platform like WordPress. If you wanted to host a website and just offer a store on it that sells your products, then you’ll need to check out the other options on this list.

Teespring is available to be hosted only as their own online shop. However, you can purchase a custom domain and use it for your Teespring storefront.

You can add pixels from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google. This allows you to get analytics on where customers are coming from. This will be essential if/when you start using paid advertising.

You will be able to list Teespring products on a Facebook store.

Teespring also integrates with YouTube to allow you to display your merchandise right below your videos. This will only be available if monetization is enabled on your YouTube channel.

If you wish to sell products from your YouTube channel, then Teespring is the choice for you.


Teespring is completely free. Because it also includes a hosted storefront, you won’t need any other hosting or other integrations.

Teespring is the easiest and cheapest option to get started with if you have no experience.

You will get a certain amount from each sale. You are able to mark up the prices on any given item to match whatever profit you wish. When a sale goes through, they will subtract the cost of printing and shipping and will send you the difference.

Product selection

Teespring carries all the standard mens and women’s apparel options. This includes things such as hoodies, leggings, tanks, and tees.

They also have several children options available, including a onesie for babies.

In accessories they offer tote bags, phone cases, stickers, and mugs.

In home furnishings they offer pillows, posters, towels, tapestries, and blankets.

While they do have a decent selection and plenty of items to fill your online shop with, their selection is certainly not as substantial as some of the other companies.


This is where Teespring really shines. They make it very simple and fast to get set up and start designing.

It takes only a few minutes from the time you get to their homepage until your ready to start making your first products.

Since they include your online storefront, as soon as you design products they are already in your store at your URL.

One thing Teespring does better than any of the other POD sites is batch creation. You can apply one design to so many different items at once. This makes it easy to create every item you want with a particular design, all at the same time.

If you’re an absolute beginner, Teespring has probably the easiest set up of any of the print on demand options.

Who’s this best for?

Teespring is the best choice for a brand new beginner who has never set up something like this before. They make it easy and quick for you to get started and selling on your first day.

If you’re not sure at all that print on demand is for you, Teespring is also a great choice for you. It costs nothing to get started and you won’t have to put in any payment information.

If you want to expand and scale your shop, or you want some versatility with how you present it, you may opt for one of the other options on this list instead. Teespring doesn’t offer much for when you want to grow your shop, so pick Teespring if you just want to get up and running right now with no investment.


shopify teelaunch

Teelaunch is a bit different than the other options on this list. It’s also one of the newest.

The biggest drawback for me immediately was that you can’t even sign up without putting in your credit card information for Teelaunch. That strikes me as a bit of a red flag. However, this is a pretty popular POD tool.

Where can you sell from?

Teelaunch is a Shopify specific integration. It is designed as an app for Shopify.

You could use Teelaunch in other places like on your website, but the way it’s set up, you’d still have to pay for a monthly Shopify subscription just to use the Teelaunch app.

If you know you want to us Shopify no matter what, then Teelaunch may be a great fit for you. Otherwise, I would personally look elsewhere.

Product selection

This is really Teelaunch’s strong point. They offer some unique products that none of the other similar print on demand companies offer.

If you want to make some custom printed bluetooth speakers, you’ll be choosing Teelaunch. They also have air freshners, coasters, headphones, towels, backpacks, and pretty much everything that all of the other POD sites offered as well.

I’d say that Teelaunch likely has the most diverse product offerings of any site on this list.


The Teelaunch app itself is free. However, to use it you’ll need to get Shopify. For the full service online store that Shopify provides, you’re looking at $29.99 per month. If you want just the barebones Shopify because you’ll be hosting this on your own site, you’ll be looking at $9 per month.

This is of course in addition to your website’s monthly hosting fees.

Overall, this is not one of the more cost-effective options.


Because it is based in the Shopify platform, everything is already taken care of for you. You just fill out a few details, design your product and it appears in your shop ready to be sold.

This is where this app would really shine, if it weren’t for the fact that several other POD platforms offer Shopify integrations that work just as well.

Who’s this best for?

If for some reason custom printed bluetooth speakers and headphones are necessary for your business, then you’ll want to go with Teelaunch. If you need air fresheners printed with your logo, Teelaunch may be your only option.

For everyone else, the other platforms offer better benefits at a lower price point.


spreadshop print on demand

Spreadshop is powered by spreadshirt and is done on their platform. Essentially it’s the same brand and namesake. They do offer some interesting features that are lacking in their competition.

Where can you sell from?

Spreadshirt does provide you with your own online storefront and url so people can get straight to your store. What’s more, they also offer full integration with anything that will allow you to input HTML code.

To put your Spreadshirt store on your website, you simply copy the chunk of code they give you, and paste it into your site. Very simple.

Offering both a hosted storefront and the option to embed it in your own site gives Spreadshirt a flexibility that the other POD sites have a hard time matching.

Product selection

Spreadshop carries all the essential print on demand products. They don’t have the fancy electronics of some of the other platforms, but they carry the products you’ll sell the most of.

All mens and women’s apparel is covered. So is children’s and babies.

They also provide hats, bags, phone cases, mugs, cups, aprons and more.

While certainly not the most diverse selection, they do have plenty of options for you to choose to fill up an online store with.


Spreadshop is free. Even with all the flexibility they charge nothing.

However, they price your payout a bit differently than their competitors.

When selling your Spreadshop products through your site, they consider you an affiliate. You’ll make 20% of the revenue on each sale.

You also can denote a “design fee’ that will be added to the price of each product and you’ll get that as well when it sells. What’s cool about this, is you can opt to allow your products to sell on the Spreadshop marketplace as well, and you’ll also get the design fee there.

One of the coolest things about Spreadshirt is the ability to sell just your designs.

If you don’t want to actually market and sell shirts but you enjoy designing them, you can sell just the designs to people who do want to market and sell shirts!


Overall, Spreadshirt was very easy to set up and get started.

My complaint is with the shirt designer. You can only put one picture on a design. No layers or second pictures added in.

I like to position the elements separately on the shirt so I can get the spacing proper. This means I have to put everything in one file now instead if I want to put it on a shirt.

This isn’t a major drawback, but it’s something I noticed.

My only other real complaint with Spreadshop is that they don’t seem to list the brand of apparel items you want to design.

I like to know what brand of shirt I am ordering so I can read separate reviews somewhere else about that brand’s products.

Aside from this, it was a very simple setup and the interface is very clean and organized. Even a beginner will have no trouble getting your Spreadshirt account up and running and start selling products.

Who’s this best for?

If this is your first side hustle or home income and you aren’t very sure about how to go about starting or if it’s right for you, then Spreadshirt is a great choice for you.

With Spreadshirt, it will cost you nothing to get set up and running with your own storefront and your own custom products.

If you decide that you like POD and you want to continue down this path and expand your possibilities, Spreadshirt makes it easy to expand your business with you. Unlike Teespring, you’ll be able to move Spreadshirt over to your own website without any problems or headaches.

If you’d like to try out print on demand and know that you will want to scale it up if you find success, then Squareshirt is my recommendation for you.

Printful vs Teespring vs Teelaunch vs Printify vs Spreadshirt

So which is the best print on demand company? Which one should you pick?

Entrepreneurs and Website Owners: Printify

If you already have a website or business running, or you know that you definitely want to expand in the near future, then Printify is your best print on demand site.

Printify will give you the flexibility you need to build your store anyway that you want – something you won’t find with any of the other print on demand platforms. You will not be stuck to predetermined templates and layouts. You can add any integration you want and build your storefront right into your website.

Printify will provide you absolute freedom for how you want to run your shop. It’s more difficult to set up though, so you need to have some experience with online shops or websites. You won’t get a storefront with your account, so another means of hosting is necessary.

Best Overall: Printful

Printful offers an easy user experience coupled with the ability to integrate into every popular platform. You can easily launch a Shopify online storefront and integrate your Printful account with it and everything will be ready to sell. 

If you wanted to go the more independent route, you could start your own website and integrate Printful through Woocommerce. Starting your own website gives you absolute freedom, and it’s not as expensive as you think. In fact, you can have your professional website up and running for only $4. To learn how, read How to Set Up WordPress Web Hosting With Ionos.

Printful provides high quality prints and products with a diverse selection. Working with Printful will give you great freedom and flexibility to run any kind of online shop you can imagine. However, if your sales start to climb dramatically, there may be an economic incentive to switch to Printify.

Absolute Beginners: Teespring

If this is your first side hustle or home income and you have no idea what you’re doing,
you should go with Teespring. They will make it super easy to get set up and designing without any excess steps, integrations, or difficulties.

You won’t have much opportunity to expand from Teespring, but if you should decide that you want to in the future, you can always join one of the other platforms.


You should now have an idea of which of the top 5 print on demand companies will be the best fit for you. You won’t loose anything by testing them out, so if you aren’t completely sure which choice is best, start an account with two of them and try them out head to head.

If you have any questions about how to get your print on demand business up and running, feel free to reach out by email to and I’ll be happy to provide you as much information as possible.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to share it and the information with a friend who may also want to start making some extra income!

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